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Annual Declaration on Compliance

2 February 2024 | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Complete the annual declaration on compliance (ADC) with peace of mind, due in February 2024

About this Workshop

The ADC is a mechanism included in the Standards for RTOs to support RTO’s self-assurance, that requires the RTO (working as a team) to review its compliance performance and produce evidence that demonstrates the RTO’s ability to maintain compliance, identify, and rectify non-compliances. The RTO CEO is responsible for completing the ADC.

ASQA’s approach to the ADC has shifted from providing low value to the information received from CEOs, to using the data collected to determine its regulatory priorities. Consequently, RTO managers and CEOs have an increased interest in the quality of the self-assessment used to monitor operations, outcomes achieved and continuous improvement actions, prior to completing the annual declaration.

This online workshop has been designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to establish and implement an effective compliance self-assessment system to identify, and rectify non-compliances. Our experienced facilitator Javier Amaro, will demonstrate proven techniques to monitor compliance and document self-assessment for RTOs.

Why should I attend this training?

According to ASQA, 118 RTOs failed to complete their ADC in 2023. Many RTO CEOs are signing the ADC without having evidence of a comprehensive self-assessment of compliance performance. The main reasons for the lack of evidence produced and maintained by RTOs are:

The Annual Declaration on Compliance online Workshop will provide you with tools to conduct all necessary compliance monitoring activities, including self-assessments (audits), quality checks, feedback analysis, and validations, which are the bases of a successful submission of the ADC. Our training works because:

What will I take away from this event?

You’ll leave the Annual Declaration on Compliance online workshop with actionable strategies you can apply the very first day back at your RTO, including:

Who should attend?


RTO managers,

RTO staff involved in internal audits,

Staff that support RTO systems and processes,

Professionals that want to become an RTO consultant,

Individuals that want to consolidate existing knowledge and skills in RTO compliance management





Identify the most common barriers to communication

Understand the Communication Model process

Identify the importance of body language for effective communication

Review principles of congruent communication



Use the Communication Model to improve how skills and knowledge are transferred to students

Use body language to support learning

Adapt verbal and non-verbal communication to motivate students

Use active listening techniques



Improve how learning is transferred

Improve students’ satisfaction

Improve effectiveness of class engagement

Reduce student’s miscommunication with students and colleagues

Meet the facilitator

Javier Amaro

Annual Declaration on Compliance

Join us in this insightful webinar with our expert speaker Javier Amaro.

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Non-accredited training. This does not lead to an AQF Qualification