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Lead Auditor Skill Set

Insources Institute | RTO code: 30122
Online , Face to Face
3 Months
4 Units
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What is a Lead Auditor Skill Set

The Lead Auditor Skill Set equips you with the knowledge and skills in leading a quality audit in a broad range of industries.

If you have limited time to complete a long course, this skill set is for you!

Importance: Spending short time to gain necessary knowledge and skills in quality audit.

If you successfully complete the course, you will receive a statement of attainment of 4 units:

  • BSBAUD411 Participate in quality audits
  • BSBAUD511 Initiate quality audits
  • BSBAUD512 Lead quality audits
  • BSBAUD513 Report on quality audits


  • Learn quality audit knowledge and skills in short timeframe
  • Opportunity to have a statement of attainment in quality audit skill set 

What you will learn:

Our nationally recognised course BSBSS00128 Lead Auditor Skill Set will provide you core knowledge and skills required in leading a quality audit. Throughout the course, you will learn how to participate in, initiate, lead and report a quality audit. Enrol with Insources Institute (RTO ID: 30122) now and do not miss out your lead auditor opportunities!

From this course, you will learn to:

  • Participate in quality audits
  • Initiate quality audits
  • Lead quality audits
  • Report on quality audits

Other personal skills you may learn include:

  • High attention to detail
  • Communicate effectively
  • Critical thinking
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Potential career outcomes could include:

  • Internal Auditor
  • Risk Manager
  • Quality Manager

This is a nationally approved vocational course that is recognised throughout Australia



Self-Paced + Live Webinars


Face to Face (Group)



Self-Paced + Live Webinars
Face to Face
Online resources and assessments
Live Weekly 1 hour Webinars
Forum for Online Networking with industry professionals
Interactive Weekly Trainer sessions
Face to Face training at premium & exclusive facilities
Face to face networking with other industry professionals
Face to Face group discussions
Catering provided at face to face events
  • All potential students will need to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment or demonstrate they have completed a high qualification and have an interview with a senior member of Insources Institute. It is beneficial for students if they are currently in a workplace to complete the practical components of the units.

Computer/tablet/mobile device with internet access

Course Details


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and participate in quality audits as a member of a quality audit team. The types of audits may include internal or external systems audits, process audits or product/service audits. The process includes reviewing designated documentation; identifying and developing checklists and audit related documentation; preparing audit plans and evaluating information; and reporting findings to the lead auditor.

The unit applies to individuals with a broad knowledge of the quality auditing environment, who gather, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources and provide objective audit findings, to be included as part of the audit report.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to initiate and organise quality audits. It covers assessing the scope and objectives of quality audits; communicating with the auditees and developing and submitting a quality audit plans.

The unit applies to individuals who have an established knowledge base in quality auditing, and who are proficient in using a range of quality auditing and managerial techniques to initiate quality audits. Individuals may also supervise and monitor the processes and outcomes of others working in a quality audit team.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to lead audit teams as they conduct quality audits. It covers conducting entry and exit meetings; identifying and gathering relevant information; managing audit team resources; and providing feedback to audit team members on their performance.

The unit applies to individuals who have a well-established knowledge of quality auditing and who are proficient in using a range of quality auditing and managerial techniques to supervise quality audit teams.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to report on the outcomes of quality audits and take appropriate follow up actions. It covers compiling audit results, preparing reports for relevant stakeholders, and negotiating follow up actions with relevant stakeholders.

The unit applies to individuals who have an established knowledge of quality auditing and are proficient in using a range of quality auditing techniques. It addresses the function performed by either an auditor having sole responsibility for the audit or an auditor required to report on quality audits as part of a quality audit team.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have flexible payment options. Employers sending students to Insources Institute paying upfront will get 10% discount, please contact Insources Institute for more details.

Yes, Insources Institute (RTO ID: 30122) offers below study options:

  • Self Paced
  • Self Paced + online webinars
  • Self Paced + online webinars + face to face training

Yes, all assessments are submitted by our learning management system

Diploma of Quality Auditing

Yes, before enrolling, please speak to one of our staff about RPL. We can ensure you have the correct document including all instructions and fees relating to RPL.

Yes, please email a certified copy of your transcript to [email protected] and we will be in touch with you.

Face to face training will be held in the State or Territory where the majority of students are located.

Where a workplace has 12 or more students and has a training room available onsite, Insources Institute can conduct the training at your workplace.

For more information, please contact Insources Institute on [email protected] or 1300 989 185.