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Meeting Trainers Requirements


This webinar will explain the requirements of the Standards, specifically Clauses 1.13-1.16 and 1.21-1.24.
You will be provided with examples and strategies to meet those requirements.


As part of the Standards for RTOs 2015, trainers and assessors who deliver National Recognised Training must meet the:

  • Vocational competency requirements,
  • Current industry skills requirements,
  • Vocational training, learning and assessment requirements,
  • Current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning requirements, and
  • Undertake professional development

This webinar will explain the Standards for RTOs 2015, specifically Clauses 1.13-1.16 and 1.21-1.24, and will provide examples and strategies to meet the requirements.

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Date and time:

12:30-2:00 PM (AEST QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS)

Other timezones:

11:00am-12:30PM (NT, SA) 10:30am-12:00PM (WA)

A Statement of Attendance is issued on completion of live event activities.

Understand regulatory requirements for trainers and assessors
Identify different strategies to ensure compliance with the requirements under Clauses 1.13-1.16 and 1.21-1.24
Identify strategies to monitor compliance with trainer/assessor requirements
Apply a systematic approach to the professional development plan for trainers and assessors
Develop a systematic approach to monitoring compliance with Clauses 1.13-1.16 and 1.21-1.24
Develop a consistent HR Strategy to select, recruit, and manage trainers and assessors in line with the requirements under Clauses 1.13-1.16 and 1.21-1.24
Improve compliance with Standards
Connect professional development of trainers and assessors with business needs
Improve performance of trainers and assessors
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