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14 May 2024 | 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM AEST

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an essential part of our VET system, yet one that causes students a great deal of stress, and seems to take trainers, assessors and managers out of their comfort zone.

About this Workshop

In the Australian VET sector, ensuring accurate and efficient Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) practices is essential for an RTO’s compliance and quality assessment systems. Learn how to effectively assess and document prior learning, adhere to RPL standards, and optimise the process for both learners and RTOs. Through this two hour workshop, you will gain practical strategies to ensure RPL aligns with industry requirements, empowering individuals to progress in their careers.

What you will learn

Through this workshop, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of effective assessment methods and documentation techniques crucial for accurately recognising and validating prior learning experiences. Moreover, the workshop will shed light on industry standards and regulations associated with RPL, ensuring you gain insights into compliance requirements and maintain integrity throughout the recognition process. Additionally, practical strategies will be explored to optimise the RPL process, with a focus on catering to the diverse needs of both learners and RTOs.

By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate RPL successfully. You will have the opportunity to acquire flowcharts and forms aimed at streamlining RPL processes within your RTO, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Lastly, develop an Action Plan to gauge the impact of implementing the learned strategies on your RTO’s operations and outcomes.





Understand the principles that underpin the RPL process

Understand compliance requirements for RPL

Identify different steps required during an RPL process

Develop the skills to support students throughout the RPL process.



Review RTO’s RPL processes and tools, within 30 days

Use principles of assessment to support students throughout the RPL process in 100% of cases

Provide feedback to RTO’s management for continuous improvement of the RPL system, within two weeks

Provide a presentation about RPL to other trainers, within one week.



Minimise time required to process an RPL application

Improve success rate of RPL applications

Eliminate non-compliances related to RPL.

Meet the facilitators

Javier Amaro

Getting RPL Right

Join us in this insightful workshop with our expert speaker Javier Amaro.

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