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01 October 2024 | 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Understand regulatory requirements for course completion and certification

About this Webinar

RTOs must have quality controls in place to ensure only students who have completed all assessment requirements are issued with qualifications and statements of attainment. The integrity of the issued qualifications relies on the effective implementation of these controls.

What you will learn

Inadequate processes to issue certificates expose your RTO to significant risks, including financial penalties and even deregistration as an RTO.

This webinar will provide you with guidance and best practices about providing secure certification, and the skills to effectively manage the risks associated with the completion process of a Nationally Recognised Training course.





Understand regulatory requirements for course completion and certification

Identify processes to monitor assessment evidence

Understand AQF requirements

Identify control processes required to ensure integrity of certifications



Implement effective measures for course completion and certification

Monitor issuance timeframes

Monitor certification information and nomenclature

Use systems to authenticate and verify certification issued by your RTO



Reduce risks associated with non-compliances in Standard 3

Improve students’ satisfaction

Improve audit performance

Meet the facilitators

Javier Amaro

Managing Course Completion And Certification

Join us in this insightful webinar with our expert speaker Javier Amaro.

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