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In-house Professional Development Training

Our training services are results focused and our support will help you to achieve three critical success factors: deliver quality and industry relevant training, sustainability, and continuous compliance.

It is vital for an RTO to have adequate access to professional development for its staff. In recent times, managers have used most of their learning budgets to address "gap training" instead of "general training", in an attempt to connect learning to the RTO's and bottom-line results such as:

Benefits of working with Insources.
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You have access to a team of experienced consultants that have successfully completed more than 180 RTO registrations over the last decade. We will take you through a streamlined process that works, and our focus is on your success. We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate!

Your project budget for RTO registration can be affected by delays due to lack of understanding of the application preparation critical path. Our RTO registration application method has been streamlined to optimise time and resources. We will do the heavy lifting for you, handling all the paperwork and liaising with relevant stakeholders on your behalf.

The outcome of the RTO application depends on the quality of evidence prepared and presented to ASQA. Our qualified lead auditors complete a thorough assessment of all evidence to be submitted, and only submit compliant evidence on your behalf.

Our RTO registration contract defines the responsibilities of all parties involved along with outlining the timeframes, outcomes and standards. You will have access to our project plan platform (Zoho Projects), where you will receive regular project updates, status, deadlines, next steps and evidence that have been produced.

Our services don't end with the RTO registration. We offer ongoing training and consulting services to ensure that your RTO remains compliant and successful in the long term. You know we will be there for you tomorrow; we have been supporting RTOs since 2000.

RTO Regisration Process

The RTO's initial registration is step process:

1. Prepare application

Our consultants will work with you to establish your business case, develop your policies and procedures, training and assessment strategies, resources, and administrative requirements.

2. Submit application.

Our consultants will conduct an internal audit on all evidence produced for the application to ensure compliance against the RTO Standards and conditions of registration

3. Regulatory assessment (audit)

Our consultants will take part in all regulatory communications and activities as part of your team, including during the onsite audit process.

4. Registration granted and project handover

Our consultants will set up a 24-month compliance schedule for your new RTO and Insources will support your new RTO staff with regular training and consulting services.

About RTO Registration :

The cost of opening a local RTO involves a registration application fee ($8600), financial viability risk assessment ($1500), business insurance ($1500), along with other expenses depending on your business structure. Here are some practical scenarios: Read Article.

Registering an RTO usually takes 6-9 months (from the time the application is submitted), whereas a CRICOS RTO can take 8-12 months.

You don’t need to have experience as a trainer. However, you’ll need to have access to trainers and assessors to deliver the courses that you’re planning to put on scope.

As a consultant we provide you with access to systems, resources, knowledge, training, and support during the registration process

Yes, ASQA only grants RTO status to those organisations that can demonstrate compliance against all RTO regulatory requirements during the application assessment (audit). If your organisation is not able to demonstrate compliance, the application will be rejected.

ASQA does not require you to use a consultant. But having a consultant can help you navigate the complex RTO compliance world, understand RTO regulatory requirements, plan and prepare evidence for an effective and compliant application, connect with suppliers, providers, and stakeholder that your RTO will need to interact with in the future.

You don’t need experience in the RTO sector, but the RTO needs to demonstrate capacity and competencies to manage the RTO within its organisation.

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All our clients have a one-hour free consultation planning meeting to create/update the RTO annual audit program.